New from Apotek Solutions!


ApoWave Flash Pasteurization System


Completely integrated pasteurization system for carbonated beer


Adjustable pasteurization temperature and time to cover a wide array of beers and pasteurization requirements. From a gentle heat treatment to reduce micro load to complete elimination pasteurization.


Adjustable back-pressure for pasteurization of beers with different levels of carbonation.


Assembled using high-quality equipment that meets and displays the 3-A sanitary standards.


Self-cleaning system with integrated Clean In Place (CIP) system


Capacities from 5gpm (10 bbl/hr) to 80gpm (150 bbl/hr).


Electrical heating option for small systems


Pre-assembled and tested for quick and easy installation


Ideal for pasteurization of sweet fruit beers, beers that require longer shelf life or for reducing yeast populations for beers to be aged in barrels.